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Hi, I'm Sarah: a PhD candidate, engineer, water-lover, language enthusiast, and dreamer. 

Let's create the world we'll grow old in.

I have spent my academic and professional career working in environmental engineering and science, focusing on life's most important chemical substance: water. 

My professional experience ranges from designing low-tech water treatment systems on remote islands – where I was challenged to find the most effective solution for healthy drinking water in a low-resourced setting – to remote sensing and applications of machine learning algorithms on agricultural landscapes for regional to global studies on food security amidst climate change.


University of California, Berkeley

PhD. Environmental Science, Policy and Management (in progress)

University of Delaware

B.E. Environmental Engineering (2017)

I am currently a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. I also have a Designated Emphasis in Development Engineering. My current research focuses on water, agriculture, and global trade to understand the sustainability of global food systems. I use machine learning of satellite imagery, geospatial datasets, and biophysical modelling to link local agricultural production, land tenure, and natural resource use with the global networks they support. I use science as a tool for examining the little-known and connecting communities.

In my free time, I volunteer on the executive team of Engineers Without Borders San Francisco, mentor students looking to pursue careers in STEM, and work to build an inclusive community within the groups I am a part of.

About Me

Publications, Presentations & Press


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Cartografia de la espansion de los invernaderos de frutos rojos en las tierras ejidales de Michoacán, México.

Oral presentation in Spanish. University of Guanajuato Transdisciplinary Case Studies Seminar Series. Guanajuato, México. 2022. 

Global Sustainable Engineering

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An Empirical Synthesis of the COP26 Water Pavilion: Integrating Water and Climate Policy Frameworks.

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¿Qué nos pueden decir los modelos biofísicos y las imágenes satelitales sobre el uso agrícola del agua en México?

Oral Presentation. World Water Day, Querétaro. Querétaro, México. Presentation in Spanish. 2022.

Globalization of Natural Resources. 

UC Berkeley Principles of Natural Resource Management Course. Guest Lecture. California, USA.

The Irrigation Frontline: Examining Land Use Change and Resource Rights Fueling the Michoacán Berry Boom. 

Oral presentation. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. 2021.

The Show Must Go On: Leveraging online tools for volunteer events and fundraising.

Oral presentation. Engineers Without Borders USA National Conference. 2021.

Agricultura de Riego: ¿La fortuna o maldición de la sustenibilidad?

Oral presentation. Universidad de Guanajuato. Guanajuato, Mexico. Presentation in Spanish. 2021. 

Product of Mexico: The Socio-Environmental Impacts of Food Trade.

Oral presentation. Science at Cal, Grounds for Science. 2021. [Watch here!]

Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Crop Virtual Water Trade from Mexico to the United States. 

Oral presentation. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. 2020.

Assessing the Feasibility of Rainwater Harvesting for Drinking Water in Cebu.

Invited oral presenter. 4th University Research Conference, University of San Carlos. Cebu, Philippines. 2019.

Rainwater Harvesting: Unlocked Potential. 

Representative for Philippines Fulbright at the Fulbright ETA, Researchers and Scholars in East Asia and Pacific Region Conference. Invited panelist and presenter of Fulbright research. Taipei, Taiwan. 2019.


Restoration of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Engaging Stakeholders Through Technology.
Invited oral presenter. International Rivers Summit. Cebu, Philippines. 2018.


Water and Sanitation in the 21st Century.
Invited guest speaker. NASA Space Apps Challenge. Manila, Philippines. 2018.

Sanitation: Engineering a Sustainable Future.

Invited oral presenter. University of San Carlos, School of Architecture. Cebu, Philippines. 2018.


Les préoccupations et les solutions de l'eau à San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.
Invited forum speaker. San Miguel French Forum. Guanajuato, Mexico. Presentation given in French. 2018.



Engineering Change Abroad Alumni Interview. 2018. 

US scholar studies on rain harvesting in Metro Cebu. 2018.

Nine Win Fulbrights. 2018. 

Water: A Medium for Life, Engineers Without Borders Art Gala Fundraiser. 2017.

Sarah Hartman Named Truman Scholar. 2016.

Off-the-grid Eco Vapor Toilet. 2016.

Radio Interview about Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware projects. 2015.

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